Connor Banks Joins the Diverse Team!

Connor Banks Joins the Diverse Team!

Connor has joined Diverse Yachts as an Engineer in our Loadsense Team!

Connor moved to the UK from South Africa to work towards a degree in mechanical engineering, graduating with a full degree.

He began a sporting life doing triathlons for GB but sailing quickly took over as sailing is his passion.  Connor began sailing in dinghies but eventually moved onto yachts, eventually making it into the British Keelboat Academy

He spends most,  if not all, his free time on the water. If there’s no sailing, he’ll be found at the beach kite surfing.  Experienced inshore and offshore, having sailed at lots of events, but mainly the Giraglia and Sail Arabia The Tour.

Connor can normally be found on the pointy end of a boat or in the Diverse Yachts workshop!

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