Island Fling – HH42

A lovely example of Diverse Yacht Services’ expertise in custom deck hardware and electronic solutions combined on one project can be seen onboard Paul Winkleman’s latest ‘Island Fling’, a Hakes Marine HH42.   The project took 10 weeks from point of customer contact to completion and took place at Hakes Marine,  Xiamen, China.

The customer brief was as follows:  The system had to be suitable for both cruising and racing.  The boat is built from PrepReg Carbon and so keeping weight down was a major factor.  At the same time as being light, the system needed to be durable because they boat was intended for inshore and offshore racing.  Ease of use was also a factor, and of course the price had to be competitive.

The solution:  Diverse worked closely with Lewmar for the winch package and B&G for the Electronics. By going with Lewmar the customer was able to go with higher performance winches in the key places while still allowing the project costs to stay within the region of that of lower spec products from other hardware manufacturers.

Diverse chose a Lewmar 60.3GPST SB for the Primary winch because it has a good gear ratio with a drum size ideal for fast line speed for efficient Gybing and hoists. Hardware manager Paul Grant, and company Director, Lou Varney, spent time with Lewmar Engineers to come up with custom gear ratio in the Pedestal system.  This also allows good line speed and gives a direct drive to the Tropical Take Down System. Time was also spent optimising the foot button system with carbon brackets.

Another detail worth mentioning is that the Tropical Spinnaker Take Down System includes a Diverse/Tropical needle bearing carbon roller to fit under the forehatch . This system includes a ratchet sheave to allow the Pitman to take up the slack in the take down line without the grinder having to disengage from the Spinnaker trim.

All these small details take time and are only possible as a result of the close working relationship that Diverse has with it’s suppliers and partner companies such as Tropical Engineering.

Roller under forehatch
Roller under forehatch
Drop Wheel



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