Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15  VO65

Diverse Yacht Services were contacted by Green Marine in early 2013, to pitch for the electrical and electronic contracts for the next Volvo Ocean Race, which was to be the first one design edition of the race.  Diverse came up with a light weight, high performance and durable system which could be easily duplicated across the fleet.

After winning the contract, the installations began at Green Marine in Hythe, run by engineer Ashton Sampson.  The production line was impressive!  Every boat had to absolutely identical, from the length of cables to the number of cable ties and bases, so that no boat had a weigh advantage over another.  The system had to be easy to use and durable, so as not to disadvantage any team unfairly should a product fail.

Diverse collaborated closely with B&G for the navigation system, Mastervolt for the batteries and battery management system, Cariboni for the keel control system, Livewire for the onboard media and Cosworth for data acquisition.

Diverse Loadsense, the world leaders in loadcell technology for the yachting industry, provided 11 loadcells and amplifiers per yacht, as well as strain gauges embedded within the rudders.  Other custom products included rudder reference units and the keel control panels.  Tropical Engineering provided the carbon work for the Echomax brackets, a deck/steaming light and a swivelling display pod to mount on the pedestals.

After the launch of each yacht, Diverse were very involved in the sea trials to make sure that each team were happy with the system and knew how it worked.

Engineer Trystan Seal is heading up the Diverse team at The Boatyard, the round the world support team for the Volvo Ocean Race.  At each stop over he is joined by Ashton and another member of the team who go over each yacht with a fine tooth comb to asses for any issues with the systems.  So far the installations are holding up well and the teams are very happy with the products.  The racing is some of the closest that the Volvo Ocean Race has ever seen!


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