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The 'Rig Master'
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Master Your Rig With The Diverse Rig Master! The days of tuning your rig by eye are over thanks to the Rig Master

Diverse Yacht Services have been the market leaders in load measurement in the Sailing industry for over 25 years and the latest Diverse Tropical innovation in this area confirms that position once again, allowing rig tuning to reach a new level of accuracy that has never been achievable before.

The Rig Master is the ideal rig tuning device for anything from Mumm30s to TP52s. The gauge will work on rod and wire rigging between 6 and 12mm, and read both static and dynamic loads.

The integrated digital display reads in kilograms without the need to look up tables or adjustments and the repeatability error is miniscule. Unlike the Loo’s Gauge and other traditional rig tuning devices, the Rig Master’s bearing surfaces are made of 17-4PH hardened stainless steel, resulting in higher accuracy over time.

The Rig Master will be an unrivalled asset to your rig tuning capabilities, providing accuracy and reliability beyond anything previously available in mast tuning. It is for this reason that you will find it being used in the TP52 and Farr40 fleets.

This is the ideal tool for the production boat builder who wants to provide his boats with safe, consistent rig tuning.

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The 'Rig Master'

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