• Where can I download software for my T24 wireless load cell?

    Follow the link below to download a zip file containing your files.

    T24 Software

  • How do I unlock my C-Map Chart?

    CMAP Charts Unlocking Guide

    Insert your CMAP CD and install the NT+ MAX PC Selector software following the instructions. Immediately following this you will automatically be given the option to install the Eutron key drivers for a hardware dongle. You may ignore this is you do not intend to use a dongle.

    If you do plan to use your charts with a license dongle in order to move them easily between PCs you must ensure that your USB dongle is inserted and the drivers were installed correctly before proceeding. If no dongle is installed the charts will be locked to that PC.

    Upon opening NT+ MAX PC selector the bottom info bar should display the CD version installed, what charting software has been detected on the PC and whether a dongle is inserted. If you get any warning messages that no CD has been inserted you may need to eject and re-insert the CD, or change the drive letter in the ‘Settings’ menu.

    To unlock your charts:

    1. Activate the ‘Chart Selection’ window
    2. There are two options for selecting your required charts:
      1. Click directly on the map until your desired area is highlighted
      2. Select your chart name directly from the left hand menu
    3. Once you have selected the required chart click ‘Buy Selected Chart’
    4. Activate the Shopping Cart window
    5. Copy the Chart License request and email the request to admin@diverseyachts.com
    6. Upon receiving the License code click ‘Insert Chart Licence’
    7. Copy your License code into the box and click ‘Register’
    8. Your chart is now registered and ready to use.
    9. Once you have licensed each required chart you should make sure you have a record of your charts and licenses in case of future hardware failure. This is easily done via the Settings page. The .XML format file saved should be copied to another PC or stored on a memory stick off the boat to allow recovery if required at a later date.


  • Where can I download loadcell data sheets?

    Follow the link to this page and use the search box, enter your loadcell serial number, hit return and you should see an entry for your loadcell. Click the title, and on the following screen you should see a large download link. All loadcell data sheets are in .pdf format.

  • How do I send my loadcell to you for a Service?

    If you wish to return you load cell and amplifier to us for repair,  re calibration or  service please fill in the LOADCELL RETURNS FORM and send it to our usual address.

  • Looking for Edson parts or technical support?

    Diverse Yachts is the UK distributor for Edson Marine products.  Please contact one of the team to discuss your needs whether it is new or replacement parts or technical advice.  You can also email sclarke@diverseyachts.com with any Edson enquiries.